17 de agosto de 2012

Aleluia, irmão finlandês

Declarações do ministro dos negócios estrangeiros finlandês ao jornal Daily Telegraph:

“There are no rules on how to leave the euro but it is only a matter of time. Either the south or the north will break away because this currency straitjacket is causing misery for millions and destroying Europe’s future."

“It is a total catastrophe. We are going to run out of money the way we are going. But nobody in Europe wants to be first to get out of the euro and take all the blame,”

“The ESM loans have priority. That is a red line for us. We are very concerned that the rules of the ESM seem to be changing.”

He voiced deep suspicion of plans by a “gang of four” EU insiders — including the European Central Bank’s Mario Draghi.
“I don’t trust these people,”

Mr Draghi said two weeks ago that the issue of seniority would be “addressed” as part of his twin-pronged plan for the ECB and ESM to buy bonds in concert. A number of EU leaders and officials claimed there had been a deal on the ESM’s seniority status at an EU summit in late June. Finland, Holland, and Germany all deny this.

Como nós o compreendemos...

Tiago Mestre

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finalmente um discurso diferente da propaganda que tem sido feita!